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    Ordering meds as ordered by doc

    So, I am fresh off orientation (5th day, week 3) and keep feeling like I am messing up every other day. The issue that is bothering me now is ordering meds for my doc. At my hospital, nurses are able to order meds as long as we are able to put in the docs name who gave the order. Albeit we cannot do any orders at all without a docs name. Patient's creatinine was high so I called and was told via phone to replace the electrolytes that were low. For example, the potassium was 2.9 and the doc said to give 40 mEq of potassium. Two other electrolytes were low and the doc told me to put in orders to replace those as well. I asked the doc to input the orders herself but she told me to do it since she was in another chart. I documented that the doc had instructed me to do via phone order. I was able to hang the potassium and one other electrolyte just before shift change. After I gave report and was leaving, I remembered one more thing to tell the oncoming nurse who took my patient. She informed me that the day team called her and said that with patients with creatinine that high that the docs are the ones who put in the orders. Now I am freaking out because I feel scared that I strayed outside scope of practice. IDK. Putting in med orders for docs is something we do on my unit but now I feel like I should have not done so. What is your take?
  2. Guest1141053

    Digital watch recommendations?

    Hey helpful people, I am in my 6th week of orientation and somehow made it this far without a digital watch. My normal wrist watch battery just died so I am in need of a new one. My preceptor lives by her apple watch, always setting timers etc. I am still building up some savings so I do not wanna splurge on an apple watch just yet. Any recommendations before I just go to Target and grab one??
  3. Guest1141053

    Advice for new nurse? Mistake was made

    I am not sure if this is the correct forum. I am a new grad nurse and am on my 4th week of orientation. When checking vitals I did not count the correct respirations but put down an estimate number. I also put down the best oxygenation saturation rate that I saw. However I noticed that my patients HR was increased more than usual. I told preceptor when I saw her about 5 minutes later. Turned out my patient was having a transfusion reaction. I am scared about the consequences of not noticing the signs earlier and the fact that I had not documented the correct respiration rate. Overall, the patient was treated and recovered. This whole experience has shaken me though. Is it possible for your nursing license to be revoked when you are still orienting?

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