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  1. BSN 2023 - Douglas College

    We'll probably hear about it at the end of the month. I got this email the other day:
  2. BSN 2023 - Douglas College

    Hey! I have my fingers crossed for ya! This is my first time applying. I finished my pre-reqs in Dec 2021 and then I applied Feb 2022 - just heard back last week on Thurs/Fri.
  3. BSN 2023 - Douglas College

    Hi everyone, I got a conditional seat offer for the Winter 2023 Intake which starts in January for Douglas College which is in Vancouver, BC! I finished my pre-requisites back in Dec 2021, I have just been working fulltime since... then I appli...
  4. Douglas College - Foundations to BSN Program 2021

    Sure! Why don't you email me at ************** (Will edit this out as soon as you respond) ?
  5. Douglas College - Foundations to BSN Program 2021

    Haha same! I tried to msg you earlier but I can't send messages. I haven't been out of school for that long... I've been out for about 3 years. I'm 23 years old and did some courses online to upgrade some classes I needed to meet the pre-requisites a...
  6. Douglas College - Foundations to BSN Program 2021

    Does re-doing your classes to get your GPA higher help with the waitlist in Douglas or no? How was the course load like for your classes in your foundational year? Any advise? Approximately how much was the tuition for the first year? (Sorry for all...
  7. Douglas College - Foundations to BSN Program 2021

    Hey cryingtomatoes congratulations on finishing your first year! What was your avg GPA if you don't mind me asking? It's been a while since I've been back in school so I'm trying to prepare myself the best way that I can mentally as Nursing is hard i...
  8. Hello! I just got accepted to the 2021 Winter AF for Potential BSN Students at Douglas College. Anyone joining me? I'm aware that the waitlists for Douglas are long and I'm okay with that. After I finish my Foundational year, I may travel and work t...