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  1. Looked at all those labs and the notes closely - everything seems very normal lab and scan wise, but you mentioned chronic pain so I'm shifting brain that side :). There's also the constipation bit which is the only mild symptom that's abnormal. So I...
  2. I'm not familiar with the reproductive tract that much but do think its valuable to rule out any general GI and urinary tract concerns once. So I'd: * Urine culture to make sure no UTI * General GI assessment (bowel sounds, swelling, pain etc) ...
  3. Yeah I agree. I would definitely probe that angle more as medically she seems reasonably stable apart from the poor nutrition and dehydration which hints at not having enough to eat and drink. The agitation each time the daughter is mentioned and the...
  4. First ever participation in one of these and I'm still in nursing school (Q6 of 10 - Medusrg 2) so I'm hopefully not too off the mark :) but I wanted to try and participate and learn: - I would also ask her about her appearance a little more; mayb...
  5. Bellevue College ADN spring 2020 applicants

    So I'm in the program but missed orientation. There were a number of books that were assigned for NURS 120. Are these going to be valid for only this single quarter or are they useful going forward as well?