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Hi All,
I am a new grad nurse with no healthcare experience who a recruiter reached out to and told me which jobs there were open for me to apply to. One of these was for a Bone Marrow transplant unit, that I asked a question about here.

3 other (all MedSurg unit) roles are:

  • Acute Spine
  • Neuroscience
  • Telemetry

I've been trying to read up about what the nurse roles in each of these units looks like from the multiple posts in each forum.

What I'm really interested in though is which of these will I do the most in? What I really mean by that is which one has the most variety of hands-on skills? I ask this because that is what I am most lacking in (being a new grad with no prior healthcare experience) and want to go into a place where I will be busy all day and doing a lot of skills, and getting better at them.

I totally get that patient education, communication etc are very very important and I intend to get better at that as well - but I would love to work in a specialty where I am doing more patient care.

I hope I am conveying what I want well 🙂 but if not please do ask more questions.

Thank You

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