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    Searching patients belongings without consent.

    My brother is in the hospital. He had his money, prescribed marijuana, phone, and prescribed pain pills inside his pillowcase that is on the pillow he is using. A nurse comes in while he is sleeping and he woke up to her messing with his pillow. When he asked her what she was doing? She responded with, "putting another pillow behind you." (He still only has one pillow).Then she asked what he has inside his pillow, he told her all his personal belongings. She then grabbed his pillow and pulled everything out. Asked him what everything was, then called security to come get his marijuana. But because he didn't have his license on him they confiscated his weed. Locked up his pills. Even though he asked if he could just have his sister come get his weed, they told him no, that he shouldn't have had it with him in a hospital. He had just been admitted and hadn't had a chance to call anyone to come get his things. He was then handed back his money and phone. I feel he has a right to make a complaint. Not for taking his weed, but for catching the nurse trying to go through his things. Does anyone else have any advice to offer?

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