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    CRNA Application Help

    Hey everyone! I will be in the process of applying to CRNA school in the next year or two and need some advice on improving my application and becoming a stronger candidate. My question is, should I consider taking additional grad level courses (advanced pharm and patho) in order to improve my application? I currently have an overall GPA of 3.78 and a nursing school GPA of 3.91. I have also retaken a couple of classes and received A’s in them. In regards to work and experience, I have my CCRN and currently work in a SICU with a little over a year of experience. I plan to take the GRE soon. I don’t mind paying for additional graduate level courses, but they are expensive. Should I take them now or wait to see if I get admitted during my first round of applications? Additionally, other than obtaining more experience, are there any other things that I should consider to improve my application? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!