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Hey everyone! I will be in the process of applying to CRNA school in the next year or two and need some advice on improving my application and becoming a stronger candidate. My question is, should I consider taking additional grad level courses (advanced pharm and patho) in order to improve my application? I currently have an overall GPA of 3.78 and a nursing school GPA of 3.91. I have also retaken a couple of classes and received A’s in them. In regards to work and experience, I have my CCRN and currently work in a SICU with a little over a year of experience. I plan to take the GRE soon. I don’t mind paying for additional graduate level courses, but they are expensive. Should I take them now or wait to see if I get admitted during my first round of applications? Additionally, other than obtaining more experience, are there any other things that I should consider to improve my application? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Spurs_up, DNP, CRNA

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Just apply, you’ll get an interview.


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Yea. I second Spurs_up. Apply. With those GPAs and recent college course work with A’s you will 100% get an interview. 

Shanneliz SRNA, BSN

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Definitely agree with the others.  I would apply and see what kind of feedback schools give you, but with your current stats you will definitely get an interview!

With your GPA, I'd focus more on really knowing the medications and common procedures you do in your unit.