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  1. CRNA school application help

    Yay! Congratulations on your interview!
  2. Dismissed from CRNA School

    I'm seeing this as a trend on this forum. It's sad that universities aren't seeing their students as an investment! Taking a year off to doing remediation and just allowing students to retake the course. However, policy is policy! Hope everything wor...
  3. Map of All CRNA Schools

    This is a great visual! Interesting to see how the programs are physically laid out!
  4. Cleveland Clinic for CRNA School

    To echo everyone's sentiments, the hospital itself isn't a huge focus. The experience and how well you grow from it matters most!
  5. CRNA: Will my stats qualify me?

    By all means, I completely understand! This is merely a recommendation. While it may be costly to apply, this could provide you useful information or a chance at getting admitted.
  6. CRNA School Dismissal for B-

    Just a follow up, what did you end up doing?
  7. I got accepted into CRNA School

    Thank you for your insight
  8. Letter of Recommendation for CRNA School Advise

    Just curious, what made you want to become a CRNA while you already have an NP degree?
  9. CRNA: Will my stats qualify me?

    Apply anyway! Certain universities have a strict cut off. If that's the case, they'll tell you if you don't interview/get in. But you never know if the other universities you applied for will be more lenient. Best of Luck!
  10. Value in dual CRNA/NP certification?

    I'd be interested to read the comments. I am neither a CRNA nor a NP. Getting another degree/certification for something on the side seems to be a huge investment for something that wouldn't be your main focus.
  11. CRNA Career Pro ebook?

    Thanks for this post. I debated purchasing it. After reading this forum, perhaps my money is best spent elsewhere.
  12. Probation for one year

    Does this year long "probation" come with any limitations? Are you not able to care for certain patients bc of it? Also, what type of unit are you in? Is it specialized which would require more training?
  13. CRNA school interview study resources

    Thank you for sharing this information
  14. University of Akron CRNA 2021

    Any chance you can summarize any info from the session? Also, any recommendations for study material will be greatly appreciated!
  15. CRNA Application Help

    With your GPA, I'd focus more on really knowing the medications and common procedures you do in your unit.