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    Any ex Premeds?

    Its hard for any IMGs to get into residency in the US. It's also very expensive (300-400k). Basically, If you go to Carribbean and you dont get into a residency here in the states, you’re stuck with all these loans and have no way to pay for them.
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    Mentorship/Tutor - Students needs?

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to get your opinion on a topic that I need help with. I've been a nurse for 7 years (ER, ICU, Telemetry) and recently just started a volunteer position at a nursing program. This is the first time they've had a volunteer mentor so the program director doesn't know what to do with me. She knows I can be a huge resource for the students but we currently don't have the structure for a volunteer mentor. My question is for current and former students. If you had a mentor/tutor available at your school, what topics or help do you wish they would've offered that would help you become successful in the program. The set up so far is students can sign up for a 1:1 meeting with me and my services would include - Math tutoring - Med Surg tutoring - Lab skills help - Care plan help any other ideas? My personal goal is to instill confidence into these students and perhaps show them how school differs from real world nursing. My strength is definitely clinical knowledge so I want them to excel clinically. Any other ideas? thanks! Note: I am aware that asking the students at the nursing program I volunteered with is the best way to answer this question but i just started and I haven't been to introduce to most of the students. This is just a way for me to come up with ideas that I can propose to the program director.
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    Any ex Premeds?

    You can totally apply to DO schools with those stats. How are your ec’s? Volunteer hours? Shadowing? Any research? and yes don't go Carribean. Especially now that they changed step 1 into pass/fail. edited: PA school is totally doable btw. Not sure why you think your stats are not good enough. Some schools accept mcat scores as well but i’d take the gre if i were you. You can apply to more schools. Also its not as bad as the mcat

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