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Peri-op, ER, Cardiac Rehab
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MALR has 14 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Peri-op, ER, Cardiac Rehab.

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  1. MALR

    Capella vs WGU

    Which MSN program did you complete? I’m interested in completing the MSN informatics pathway. Any information/experience with Capella is greatly appreciated!
  2. MALR

    BSN-MSN Payment plan option(s)

    How was your experience with Capella? I’m interested in doing the flex path for BSN to MSN informatics at Capella. I also don’t plan on using loans planning on paying cash for each term. Your thoughts/experiences would be appreciated.
  3. Hi looking for more information on Capella BSN to MSN informatics via FlexPath. I have seen positive and negative reviews but they seem to be from awhile ago. Some were related to financial aid/loans department. I would like to know if anyone in the last 2 years have completed their program and about their experience. I have 5 kids and work full time, don’t have time or money to waste. I can put in the work, money and time for a program that is legit. I plan on paying cash each term. So financial aid issues do not concern me. I appreciate any insight on this program.
  4. MALR

    Capella MSN Leadership FlexPath

    Did you decide to go to Capella for your MSN?

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