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    Advice Needed!

    Hey!! I'm currently in grade 12 and I'm graduating this year, which is pretty exciting My original plan was to apply to SFU for a BA in health sciences, so that I could accumulate credits and do my pre-requisites for BCIT (which is my goal) and perhaps some other schools. But lately, I've been considering a different plan. So, I also applied to Douglas' academic foundations in nursing certificate a while ago and I recently noticed that most of the courses that are in the certificate are required for the BCIT program as well as for some others (Langara). Going with the Douglas' route would provide me with somewhat of a safety net if I dont get into BCIT because I get a possibility of going to Douglas in the future. However, it would mean that I have a lower chance of acceptance because I wouldn't be a degree holder(?). I'm really conflicted on what I should do at this point, any help would be welcome and appreciated! :))

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