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  1. Hello sabina20,

    Correct me if I am wrong but I saw your post saying that you are thinking of applying again for the rochester ABPNN or AMPNN program, I am also planning to do the same. If you don't mind me asking I was wondering how you were going to go about with that. Do you think we will need to submit the whole application new again?  

  2. ns2593

    University at Rochester May 2020 ABPNN

    I’m from Colorado, but visited Rochester a couple of times and loved the school. If accepted I’ll be moving up there. It’s my first out of state so I feel like majority of my stress comes from the move bc I don’t know when I should start looking. Any reccs on good neighborhood to live?
  3. ns2593

    University at Rochester May 2020 ABPNN

    what other programs are you applying to? If you get accepted to this program do they take your new grade?
  4. ns2593

    University at Rochester May 2020 ABPNN

    Same here, I’ve been stressing over this program since the last week of January. I also hope they will let us know on the 10th instead of it being pushed back.
  5. ns2593

    University of Rochester ABPNN MAY 2020

    Is it for both AMPNN and ABPNN?
  6. ns2593

    University of Rochester ABPNN MAY 2020

    I read that for those who had it in December submitted their application early. I didn’t get notified till mid/late December to schedule the interview for January. I submitted my Application close to the due date.
  7. Hello, I thought I had stumbled upon a may 2020 forum but it must have been the 2019. I wanted to open a MAY 2020 to see where everyone is at on their wait/interviews, and for those like me who are out of state, if you had already looked into housing options. If any locals/previous students can give some pointers that will be great!

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