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  1. Stressed.Student.Nurse

    ADN or BSN??? I’m confused.

    Some schools will also do a Community Bridge program for community college students. There’s a university around me in the Philadelphia area that allows students who have received a health science associates from Community College to get accepted right into their BSN program and finish within 2 and a half years. If you do decide to stay at your Community College to finish your associates in Nursing, you could then apply after graduation for an RN to BSN program at a various of different schools, even complete that online in as little as 12 months. You have options.
  2. Stressed.Student.Nurse

    Bucks County CC RN Program

    If you can get into the MCCC program, I’d probably just stick with that school though. It’s a good program, my cousin got her associates in nursing there. You’d end up paying a lot of money for out of county tuition to come to Bucks. The first year of the nursing core classes - just the two nursing courses are 12 credits all together and the last year the two classes are 18 credits total. But if it means starting the nursing program earlier, then I guess you could weigh the options.

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