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  1. Nervous about the NLN

    I’m assuming you’re talking about the NLN pre-entrance exam right? I had to take it twice too because I was 1 point away from what my community college wanted. Honestly, the only thing that’s going to calm your nerves is to study and try to relax you...
  2. Drexel online RN to BSN

    How long did it take you to complete the program? Are you able to finish it within like 12-15 months or does it take 2 years?
  3. Drexel online RN to BSN

    Hey! Sorry no one responded to your post. I was wondering if you would share your experience with Drexel online. I'm in my 3rd semester out of 4 for my ADN and looking into RN to BSN Programs. Curious what you thought of Drexel's program.
  4. William Paterson RN to BSN ONLINE

    Hey! I recently was looking into WP for their online RN to BSN program as I am graduating my ADN program in May. I was wondering how the program was going and what you thought about it. It seems to be a reasonable price, which is why I was inter...
  5. How to prepare for first term of ADN?

    - Definitely enjoy your Summer. You are going to be super busy once you start Nursing Classes. - Buy the Saunders Book!! This will help with various nursing classes. - Fundamentals Success book is also a great buy. - Youtube videos helped me as well....
  6. HELP! Need to make decision!

    While I was working on my prerequisite courses for my AnD program, I completed a 15 credit phlebotomy certificate at my school to get my foot in the door at a local hospital - since a lot of hospitals in the area of Pennsylvania I live in require the...
  7. Semester 3 of ADN Program

    HEY! ? I just finished my second semester of my ADN program (Med-Surg, Maternity & Pediatrics). I will be entering semester 3 in the Fall, which I'm guessing is going to be similar to a Med-Surg rotation consisting of Cardiac, Neuro & Endocri...
  8. New grad RN - feeling alone and lost at sea

    First I just want to start off by saying I am really sorry to hear everything you are going through. It truly is a scary and difficult time that the world is facing. I currently am a nursing student in an ADN program and a phlebotomist drawing blood ...
  9. Maternity Class

    I recently finished my Maternity rotation. I ended up passing the exam, although I felt like I needed to put a lot of time into studying. A lot of my peers in our clinical rotation did not get to see a birth during L&D, but I really lucked out an...
  10. I feel so alone

    I am in my late twenties, still living in my hometown and decided to attend my local community college for Nursing. A lot of my friends that I knew in high school have moved away and I'm just really focused on finishing school. I agree with a lot of ...
  11. Seeking Advice in Philadelphia!

    La Salle has an RN-BSN that is done online for ~10k that can be completed in a year. Also, a lot of places will consider hiring an ADN graduate as long as you are already enrolled in a BSN program. Obviously the benefits of completing a BSN is the ab...
  12. RN to BSN Online Program Suggestions

    Hello! I figured I would respond as I am in my second semester at my local community college in the ADN program. I have been researching RN to BSN programs online and feel like a state school is the way to go. The best advice I could give is to see i...
  13. Shoes for Clinical Rotation

    I ended up purchasing a pair of Skechers shoes for my cinical rotation. Bought them off amazon for around $30 (I don't know what they cost now). Don't get me wrong, they are horrendous looking, but I didn't want to spend $60/$70 on shoes I wouldn't w...
  14. RN to BSN Programs that are more lenient for Students with Undergraduate past

    Update: I found that my community college partners with Drexel University, which allows a discounted tuition. Definitely going to look into going to their online program!
  15. ADN or BSN??? I’m confused.

    Some schools will also do a Community Bridge program for community college students. There’s a university around me in the Philadelphia area that allows students who have received a health science associates from Community College to get accepted rig...