Semester 3 of ADN Program


HEY! ?

I just finished my second semester of my ADN program (Med-Surg, Maternity & Pediatrics). I will be entering semester 3 in the Fall, which I'm guessing is going to be similar to a Med-Surg rotation consisting of Cardiac, Neuro & Endocrine. I have the Summer off & was just wondering if anyone had advice before starting the semester.

I want to spend my Summer relaxing, but also going to review my Saunders NCLEX book on the topics for the semester & I'm going to familiarize myself with Cardiac/Neuro/Endocrine medications. I also hope that everyone is holding up well during this pandemic & passed their semester in Nursing School as well. Any advice, tips for success, etc would be greatly appreciated! ?

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As your name implies you are stressed. First chill out, if you did well in the last semesters you'll be fine. Review what you've learned by skimming over and cementing some knowledge. Meds suck and in nursing school it's hard to get down because you're not using them. I would advise going over the main ideas of cardiac/neuro/endocrine. Main physiology/pathophysiology and system functions. If you understand the functions and dysfunctions you will understand the nursing issues and medications. But again, chill out and enjoy your time off, you will have plenty of time to worry and work when school starts again.