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    Resident admitted in March with supposedly 100 days of Medicare available. Set ARD for day 8, completed and transmitted the MDS. Resident had 3 MLOAs - upon return for each one - we did a five day on day 1-8. We just found out a couple of weeks ago t...
  2. DRA dates

    This new home that I have recently started at does things so differently than what I am used to! Can someone please clarify for me: Resident left facility on 7/26/22 at 11:35PM to go to acute hospital (Medicaid resident) Admitted to hospita...
  3. Quality measures

    Can someone tell me what months of the MDS are reflected in the July 2022 quality measures? Thanks!
  4. Our program (Matrixcare) automatically populates the form each time we complete an MDS. However we have noticed that certain things didn't seem accurate. For instance, the program kept checking off "contractures" for all residents who have limited RO...
  5. totally dependent for positioning

    If a resident can hold onto the 1/4 siderail while being positioned or while being given incontinent care - should we be coding that resident as totally dependent for positioning or as assist since they are holding onto the rail to keep themselves he...
  6. admitted from...2 questions

    If a resident is coming from the hospital after a 1 day observation stay - never actually admitted to the hospital - do I code he was admitted from the community or from the hospital? Also - a resident coming from home who is on home hospice ser...
  7. coding communication

    How would y'all code this resident for understands/understood? Sometimes or rarely? Me: good morning Mrs. S Mrs. S : hello Me: did you have breakfast yet? Mrs. S: I should have the thing's good... Me: are you hungry? ...
  8. CAAs and care plans

    Their rationale is that it IS in the care plan. It's just not a separate care plan. I told them that I thought that just having it in one of the other CP - as an approach -didn't justify that we considered the category a problem. I've always thought ...
  9. CAAs and care plans

    I recently started a new job and the care plans are done 100% by nursing. When reviewing the CPs for my triggered CAAs I noticed they did not have a CP for antipsychotic Med. So I put one in…and was asked not to do that again. It seems they care plan...
  10. COS after MLOA

    If a resident returns from an MLOA, how long do we have to determine if the resident is a significant change? Example: Resident returns from MLOA 11/21 (12 day hospital stay) Quarterly due - Day 92 is 11/23 Must we do a quarterly...
  11. Section I0020 for OBRA only

    In completing this section for our non skilled residents, do we have to use the most recent admitting dx or the dx that is keeping the resident in the facility? For example, our resident's last admission to the facility was in January 2020 with ...
  12. Interviews when working remotely

    How are you all handling interviews when working remotely? I am working per diem for several buildings and they have asked that I work remotely to keep potential exposures from affecting several buildings. I have access to the chart and all docu...
  13. Quality measure question

    Is a decline in ADL SUPPORT (G0110A-G2) considered a level decline for the QMs? Or is it just Self performance? Thanks!
  14. Well, this just occurred to me: I know that when a resident disenrolls from hospice services, a COS is required. However the usual rule for COS is that when a COS is noted, you have 14 days to complete the COS MDS. How does this work with coming...
  15. Care planning meeting

    My new facility averages about 20 admission per week. We have care plan meetings only one day a week so all those admissions fall on the same care plan meeting day. I schedule the new adm care plan meeting on the first care plan day after day 14 ...