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  1. glm777

    Interviews when working remotely

    How are you all handling interviews when working remotely? I am working per diem for several buildings and they have asked that I work remotely to keep potential exposures from affecting several buildings. I have access to the chart and all docu...
  2. glm777

    Quality measure question

    Is a decline in ADL SUPPORT (G0110A-G2) considered a level decline for the QMs? Or is it just Self performance? Thanks!
  3. Well, this just occurred to me: I know that when a resident disenrolls from hospice services, a COS is required. However the usual rule for COS is that when a COS is noted, you have 14 days to complete the COS MDS. How does this work with coming...
  4. glm777

    Care planning meeting

    My new facility averages about 20 admission per week. We have care plan meetings only one day a week so all those admissions fall on the same care plan meeting day. I schedule the new adm care plan meeting on the first care plan day after day 14 ...
  5. glm777

    CNA coding and QMs

    I need some advice. Since our regional team has been working from home, they are checking every MDS done. They are frequently asking me to change coding for ADLs because it will affect the quality measures since they require more assist this quarter ...
  6. glm777

    Hospice and the MDS

    I have 2 questions 1. If a resident goes on Hospice but dies 2 days after the ARD (day 8)does the MDS still have to be done? Usually if the resident is d/c before the due date of, for example, an annual MDS, we close it out and write a note sayi...
  7. "In N0450B and N0450C, include GDR attempts conducted since the resident was admitted to the facility" Back to original admission date or most recent re-entry date? Also, our pharmacy puts a note in the chart documenting that a GDR is due. ...
  8. glm777

    UTI timeline

    UTI coding question: The 30 day timeline - is it required that the DIAGNOSIS of UTI be within the past 30 days or TREATMENT of the UTI within the past 30 days? current ARD 8/30 diagnosed 7/27 ( not within past 30 days) with all appropriate...
  9. glm777

    hospital observation stay

    we admitted a resident who spent 4 days in the hospital on an observation stay - never actually admitted. He went to the hospital from home. Should I code him as admitting from community or hospital?
  10. glm777

    CP meeting sign in sheets

    I am looking for a new sign in sheet for our CP meetings. Can folks share what their facilities use?
  11. glm777

    disenrolloment from Hospice

    A resident was admitted under hospice services. On day 12 he decided to disenroll from Hospice. I have not completed the admission assessment yet. I believe i would have to code Hospice in section O on the admission assessment but please tell me i do...
  12. glm777

    psych unit in acute care hospital

    If a resident had a voluntary psych admission to a dedicated geri psych unit of our local acute care hospital, what would you code A1800 - "entered from" when he returned? Acute care hospital or psychiatric hospital? Thank you!
  13. glm777

    ADL coding question

    Coding in transfers is as follows: supervision - X 4 Limited assist X 2 Extensive assist X 1 Totally dependent X1 Independent x 13 I believe we should code transfers as supervision as that is the only code that occurred 3 or more times (o...
  14. glm777

    Coding I & D of gangrene

    I have a patient who required emergency I & D in the OR for Fournier's Gangrene of the scrotum. The RAI notes that Surgical debridement of a PRESSURE ULCER should not be coded as a surgical wound but does not mention any other type of wound in th...
  15. glm777

    Rule of three

    How would you all code this scenario: In the 7 day lookback period the resident's transfers are coded as such: 1 time - limited assist 1 time extensive assist 8 times supervision 4 times totally dependent If I were to code the most dep...
  16. glm777

    Admission assessment

    Thank you all so much for your help. I now have something to reference when questioned.