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boogie_girl is a BSN, RN and specializes in Psych.

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    Are there less dangerous areas of Psych Nursing than Inpatient Psych?

    Psych is not an “easy” specialty to work in in that you have a risk of getting hurt in whatever type of psych job you have. I work in outpatient psych which is probably a lot “safer” but it’s a setting where we are not allowed to put our hands on patients if they get too out of control. It’s voluntary treatment and they are there mainly by choice. It’s probably the “easiest” job I’ve had but it’s not as action packed as a psych inpatient unit. Outpatient does get slow sometimes but when it gets busy it’s really busy. Patients call or come in the clinic asking about their medications or other psych or case management issues. They also come for their long acting injections. You’re also talking to the doctors about their patients... all in one day sometimes. Outpatient might be more your speed if you are looking for something less intense but it has its challenges as well.

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