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  1. Hey I saw your comment about adex. I'm an international student as well and looking for information about adex. I would really appreciate if you could help me.

    1. SueRN


      Go on their website and click international nurses. That would give you more accurate information. I would say you can also call their office but with the times that we are in, I doubt anyone is there.

  2. SueRN

    CoronaVirus and getting a job in a hospital

    Are you only applying to hospitals near you? Sometimes you have to take the risk and apply hospitals a bit further away. Some hospitals are hiring . Continue trying. Every new graduate can relate. You’ll find something
  3. SueRN

    CoronaVirus and getting a job in a hospital

    I wouldn’t totally say they loose money. It’s like investing in someone and get a return. So they train the nurse and the nurse has to stay for a certain period of time. Reasons why most hospitals make new nurses sign a 2 contract or offer a sign on bonus. However, there is a lot of resources and efforts that go into training a new nurse. It’s a win win on both sides.
  4. SueRN

    CoronaVirus and getting a job in a hospital

    I agree. At this point the hospitals are putting all of their efforts to fight the virus and not really thinking about training new nurses. I’ve been seeing new graduates talking about how hard it is to get into a hospital especially now. I empathize because I once was a new nurse and know how they feel.
  5. SueRN


    We will get the position. I am putting it out there in the universe. Don’t know what to do to take my mind off it. I will see if I can get a follow up by the end of next week. Hopefully I don’t have to and hear the good news before then.
  6. Do you think that with coronavirus being a pandemic it will affect that nurses trying to get a job in a hospital? Are hospitals open to hiring? would love to hear from nurse manager, HR or anyone involved in the hiring process.
  7. SueRN

    IMCU - Can someone tell me about it?

    @OregonRN512Thank you for your post. I am interviewing for an IMCU tomorrow. Praying that I get in Already claiming it
  8. SueRN

    Neuro ICU vs CCU???

    Hey, I’m a little late to this post but which one did you end up choosing? CCU or a euro ICU?

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