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  1. Flight nurse to CRNA school?

  2. CRNA in Wyoming???

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone on allnurses is a CRNA in Wyoming? If so, what hospitals have CRNAs, are there many CRNA jobs in Wyoming? What’s it like being a CRNA in Wyoming? Lastly if you don’t mind what were your stats before going to CRNA scho...
  3. Looking for the right partner

    What State is the job located in? Thanks
  4. Thank you for all the information! Greatly appreciated!!
  5. Thanks for all the information! Greatly appreciated! What’s the youngest flight nurse you have encountered with age and or experience?
  6. Hello all, I was wondering if there was any flight nurses on allnurses.com that fly in Wyoming or in the panhandle of Nebraska? Young nurse here wondering what flight nursing is like and possibly thinking about it for the future! What were your stats...
  7. Flight nurse to CRNA school?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has been a flight nurse before deciding to go to CRNA school? How many years of ICU or ER before going into flight and then into CRNA school? thank you!
  8. I am wondering about becoming a RNFA. I have always be interested in surgery and the duties of a RNFA. I have 1 year left of nursing school and have been offered an OR job already. Are hospitals still utilizing RNFA? How can you find RNFA jobs? I am ...

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