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Ngav1206 has 3 years experience as a LPN.

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  1. Ngav1206

    Nursing salary vs. tuition repayment

    That is a really good point! I hope to stay healthy and working for the next few years!
  2. Ngav1206

    Nursing salary vs. tuition repayment

    WOW!! I never looked at it that way but you are right. Most of the students I go to school with are cna’s making 10-15$ max an hr for years now and on top of it are only able to work part time because of the demands of school..I’m not sure that I want to advance my career that much but it may be possible. Nurses typically start with $28-35 an hour depending on the unit.
  3. Hello, I am wondering if the tuition is worth the pay and career in the end. Currently I work as a LPN. Program was very inexpensive and already paid off. I am currently in my BSN program and am looking at about 68k in student loan repayment at the end. Needles to say I am really freaking out about this. My payments with private loan included will be at almost 1k per month! I did the math and I will technically be making almost the same amount working at a typical RN salary vs. a full time LPN salary due the the 1k on payments every month for at least 10 years Have any of you been able to find any extra financial assistance programs or scholarships without high GPA’s? I need help!
  4. Thank you! I appreciate it. I really need to work on myself. I think I give off negative energy and people can sense it. I am going through a difficult time in my marriage and it shows in my grades and at work. I am very private so I don’t tell anyone my issues. I have two close friends and that’s about it. I enjoy seeing a tutor that is my age and also has children. She has been very nice and super supportive. Unfortunately she will be graduating soon. I will do my best but it would be nice to bounce ideas off other people and feel like I fit in. I feel like I’m in high school all over again.
  5. Hello everyone, I am in my program (again) I failed a couple of classes and took a long break and now I am back in the game. Needless to say I am worried sick because I have no more chances. I mess up one class and I am done, at least at this school that is. I am already a nurse (LPN) so I know I am capable of passing the Nclex, did so on my first try. The vibe just doesn’t feel right and I don’t know anyone at my school. I am back in the program starting Med-surg. That in itself is scary because it’s a tuff class and I have not been in school for quite a while. I don’t know how to click with some of the people and feel very awkward. I find a lot of the students to be stand-offish and into their specific groups. Any words of encouragement?

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