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  1. Gainzilla380

    Dual Certification do or don't?

    Thanks for the thoughtful response & article UMBdude and sorry for the lazy wording! To clarify co-manage, I work on an interdisciplinary team which includes a psychiatrist who is a wonderful teacher, as I medically manage a fair share of patients with significant psychiatric comorbidities. From this experience, I particularly find the dynamic interplay between mental health and medicine interesting & it has sparked motivation to potentially pursue further training. Have not found much with regards to dual certifying with my research to this point, however there is a dual certification program out of UTHSC, so I might reach out to them to get a further sense of how things work.
  2. Gainzilla380

    Dual Certification do or don't?

    Hi all, I am currently a primary care nurse practitioner with a great deal of experience co-managing mental health and was wondering if dual certifying(completing post master PMHNP) would be worth pursuing. Does anyone have any experience with this? Would love to hear thoughts.

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