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  1. Jhope41831

    Pennsylvania RN with first dui help with PNAP

    Great advice!! Thanks so much!! Oh no 5 years awesome you’re on the other side!!
  2. Jhope41831

    Does an attorney help against PHMP/PNAP?

    No I have not. I’m talking to 3 attorneys and they all said do not sign it. I haven’t received the contract yet. Thank you I appreciate your input! Yes I will find a way to pay for one. If I don’t I will regret not standing up for myself.
  3. Jhope41831

    Does an attorney help against PHMP/PNAP?

    That’s how I feel and I think an attorney may still be able to help me even though I’ve already been evaluated ugh!!
  4. Jhope41831

    Pennsylvania RN with first dui help with PNAP

    Have you used an attorney? I’m curious how many have and if they helped or not? On the fence thinking attorney may be my best option. I was “diagnosed” by PNAP approved provider with mild alcohol use disorder I do not have a drinking problem. Won’t be able to work as a nurse but still have to pay for sessions & testing. I work in home care have for over 5 years love my clients and families. Have great rapportwith my employer. I definitely will not be supervised there and not an option with the PNAP program. So I’ll be job searching with a Dui 14 year work history as a nurse and in the program plus I live in a small town not many job prospects. Ugh. So stressed decisions decisions
  5. Have any nurses used an attorney versed in the BON to try and avoid going into PNAP program? Please let me know whether you think it was worth it or not. I haven’t found many who have. I’m scared to say I don’t want the program and the disciplinary actions after. Ugh thanks
  6. Are you in an assistance program in your state? Should t it protect your license so there aren’t any black marks or disciplinary action if you complete program successfully? In PA ours sounds kind of like ARD for nursing licenses but I’m not sure if the program helps nurses.
  7. Sorry to hear you are still being punished. We’re you in an assistance program? In PA the assistance program is PNAP. It is supposed to prevent any disciplinary action or public Mark on your license if you complete the program successfully.
  8. I received my first DUI in October 2019 got pulled over for headlight out BrAC 0.137. BON notified me of PNAP program if diagnosed with substance use disorder. I had evaluation, UDS and blood peth test per recommendations. UDS was dilute and positive peth level about 175. Psychologist diagnosed me with mild alcohol use recommended me for individual and professional group. I have not received paperwork from BON requiring me to stop working using my RN license yet or the PNAP program contract. I currently work in homecare and will not be able to continue employment while in the program which is 3 years minimum. I am at a loss of what to do. I’ve been a nurse so long I am so anxious considering the cost of the program and not having a job. Looking for any advice regarding any thoughts on non-medical positions, nursing positions I can work while in the program. I have not drank since 11/24/19 and will not drink I am not an alcoholic but I did drink more than a normal person (if anyone knows what normal is). I believe it is unfair to treat a dilute urine as a positive and my high peth test as I have a problem when I was honest told psychologist that I drank more after Dui than I normally would but have not drank since PNAP case manager told me not to drink throughout the whole process. I find it hard to believe that nurses are subjected to such an injustice that we are held to the highest standards. I had no idea the repercussions on nurses who get a DUI. I don’t know if I should get an attorney that specializes in working with the BON or just save my money (that I don’t have) for testing and therapies?? Any help or input or information would be helpful. Thanks

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