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  1. LucyRNtobe

    Chances of getting in Chamberlain?

    My GPA is a 3.2 I’m hoping to do really well for the hesi. I’m applying at the Pearland campus it’s just outside of Houston. I could also apply to the Houston one, but I’ve heard better things about the Pearland one.
  2. LucyRNtobe

    Chances of getting in Chamberlain?

    Wow! Congratulations! What was your hesi score? I am in the process of applying, I haven’t officially applied yet.. but I sent an advisor my unofficial transcript to see what courses could get transferred and I will be attending an informational session next week.
  3. LucyRNtobe

    Chances of getting in Chamberlain?

    What is the update from your purpose letter?
  4. Hello everyone, I am interested in applying to Chamberlain for 2020 at the Pearland campus in Texas. Iv'e been doing research, and some of the bad reviews frighten me... please feel free to comment anything regarding Chamberlain if you are also on the same boat as me, or already a student there. Im so scared of being declined admission at Chamberlain. My transcript is not the best, but I have a 3.21 GPA and have an AA in Business. I am currently studying for the HESI, as I feel that can save me. ???

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