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Traveling Med-surg- Ortho RN

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    Telephonic Nurse Remote Nurse

    How do I get hired at one of these companies? I have lots of nursing experience and would love to the way I am currently practicing my nursing? I know that applying to the company is the first step, but do you have any recommendations to a company or a phone number? Thank you.
  2. YooperQueen

    Telephonic Nurse Remote Nurse

    Thanks Krysy RN! What would u say is the best way to get employed with one of these remote companies. My career goals have really changed and I think this will be the best fit for me. Did you work for several companies? Do you have a suggestion for a starting company . Would you suggest reading up on any type of protocols before applying? Thanks in advance
  3. YooperQueen

    Telephonic Nurse Remote Nurse

    ... following
  4. YooperQueen

    Question as a new telephone triage nurse

    Would love to know more about the same. Hopefully someone can chime in.
  5. YooperQueen

    Newbee, not newbie

    excited to be here and have fellowship!! Looking into telephonic nursing as my career goals have changed!! Traveled for 12 years of nursing career.
  6. YooperQueen

    Remote Telephonic Nursing

    Looking for a telephonic job myself. What is better to work for private like the LLC listed above or the insurance companies or HMO? What do I have a better chance at getting a job with? I have over 14 years of nursing experience and would love love to talk to someone about this.

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