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Anesthesia, LTC
New New Nurse Student
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jessica.bee has 3 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Anesthesia, LTC.

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    I have been applying to several bridge programs hoping to find one that sticks. Is anyone on here going for GNTC in Walker Co. in the Spring? I take the HESI next week for the entrance and if I do well on that I will take the Mobility HESI. They need at least 10-13 students to even have a class so hopefully we will have that many apply.
  2. I did not get accepted to GHC for the Spring 21' class but I'm still holding out hope for GNTC and Gadsden State. 

  3. jessica.bee

    Georgia Highlands LPN-RN Spring 2021

    I took it last month. Made a 73. ☹️
  4. jessica.bee

    Georgia Highlands LPN-RN Spring 2021

    I am finishing up my RN pre-reqs this spring and applying for the bridge program shortly after! Anyone else on here applying and or know any information on the process? 👍