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  1. Stanley Future Rn

    LIU Brooklyn Fall 2020

    They have a long waiting list. They go base on GPA and pick the individuals who's on top of the list. Also they have a lot of preqs before actually starting the clinical phase of the program. Like I said before if you're willing to pay private school tuition price, you might as well look for school upstate. Also because of COVID-19 a lot of nursing programs are waiving the admission exam so this a good chance to apply to CUNY schools.
  2. Stanley Future Rn

    Concept base Approach

    Anyone else use Concept Base Approach textbook for their school? Am I the only person that feels like this book for the fundamental section, has a lot of irrelevant information and repetition . I'm reading the chapter base on Safety and it's talking about campaign zero. I Highly doubt a questions on this topic will actually come on the exam.How do I narrow down the fluff and get to the actual information ?
  3. Stanley Future Rn

    LIU Brooklyn Fall 2020

    They have scholarship base on your GPA . I think once you have a 3.7 GPA you get the max scholarship , which I think is like $5000. However, isn't really sufficient to a $35000 tuition per year. Look at St joseph brooklyn Nursing . They offered me $10,000 scholarship and there tuition is @21,000 per year. Also BMCC is not going base on entrance exams this semester . They're going base on GPA. Also Private school Nursing school are less rigorous compared to two years .So, put that into consideration .
  4. Stanley Future Rn

    St Joseph College New York Brooklyn

    I've applied to many schools and this one included. I've actually go accepted to this one But I'm unable to find any information about this school. I've already search through the forum. If anyone can give me some feed back it would be really helpful. If anyone who's applied and got accepted feel free to post your feedback also.
  5. Stanley Future Rn

    How to study smart and productively ?

    I don't care about just passing my exams to get through nursing school nor just memorizing everything . I want to be able to understand the information and critically utilize it in clinical setting . I want to be a good nurse and give the best holistically care I can. I want to hear everyone preference and opinions on how they studied . What good habits should I work on now before starting the program in the fall? How should I approach the the textbook and questions?
  6. Stanley Future Rn

    SUNY Delhi Fall 2020

    Hello, I didn't see a thread yet for Delhi so I wanted to get a thread started for applicants that's going to SUNY Delhi for the fall 2020. My cumulative GPA is a 3.4 , I don't think it's competitive but i'm hoping for the best . This school is really small and not talk much about on "allnurse" . Please share the wisdom , whether you are applying or you are already in the program. Thank you and have a blessed day !

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