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I don't care about just passing my exams to get through nursing school nor just memorizing everything . I want to be able to understand the information and critically utilize it in clinical setting . I want to be a good nurse and give the best holistically care I can. I want to hear everyone preference and opinions on how they studied . What good habits should I work on now before starting the program in the fall? How should I approach the the textbook and questions?

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Read any of the memory improvement books on amazon. Can’t go wrong with most of them.

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You are right that you don't want to only memorize; you need to study until you understand. Having said that, I agree that memorizing is important. When you're in the middle of a situation at work, you can't always stop to look things up.

Think about how you learn. Are you a visual person? Putting the information out (post-it notes, index cards) where you see it will help you memorize. Do you learn better when you discuss it or quiz each other? Find a study partner. I'm the type who learns much better when I'm moving around; sitting and staring at a page doesn't do it for me.

You will always do better in class if you read ahead; the lecture will make more sense. I read through the entire chapter or article first, even if I don't understand it all. Then, when I go back and study, it's easier to understand.

I also find that it really helps to study early, then go on to something else. When I come back to it the next day, everything clicks much better.

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