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OldEMTNurse has 25 years experience as a LPN, EMT-I and specializes in LTC.

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    Introducing my most recent Gracie. She is smart. In fact, she acts like she understands what we are talking to her about, because she constantly replies with a meow is a different sound. For instance, when she wakes me up, she does so with a "Mer-ow". when she replies to my caregivers conversations with her, she responds with sounds like " a short grunt to when she is begging for some pets she lays down in front of them and waits for some pets, and even rolls completely over so my caregiver gets her entire body. When she wants to look out the window from the floor, she sits up on her hind legs and looks up. Then when I head toward my kitchen, she is right there with me or comes up behind me and constantly says "Meow, meow, meow repeatedly just as though she is begging for some sort of food treat.

    When my Physical Therapist was here, she even rubbed his legs, then rubbed the soup can he was holding because it held her favorite word, "FOOD!"


  2. OldEMTNurse

    Florence Didn't Fake It

    Neither did I, Thankfully
  3. OldEMTNurse

    Now I know what a Incontinence pad feels like LOL

    Do you remember the days when girls wore the menses belt? Yep, the necessary item that was supposed to keep the needed item in place, but rarely did. I was in High School when that belt decided to go cockeyed. Off came the pad and fell under my desk ...
  4. OldEMTNurse

    Is Nursing Still a Good Profession?

    ?I'm so sorry this happed to you.
  5. OldEMTNurse

    Is Nursing Still a Good Profession?

    I love your article. And although I got too ill to continue on with nursing, it has always been my desire. I was an EMT for 18 years so I was considering being an ER nurse while I was still in school. I also considered applying as an OR nurse because...
  6. OldEMTNurse

    How to Deal with Toxic People while in School

    Laugh at yourself when they attack you. I learned to agree with toxic people around me when they would pass a negative remark my way. That helped me become not only a stronger person, but it also helped me become more positive, and even joke around w...
  7. OldEMTNurse

    COVID In The House—Literally!

    boy you are having your trials my dear. Hopefully all will turn out alright for you. (((HUGS)))
  8. OldEMTNurse

    Temporary Disability

    I have a friend who was very pregnant and was given a lighter job in the ER typing up records. I thought that was admirable for our local medical center.
  9. OldEMTNurse

    President Biden thread

  10. OldEMTNurse

    President Biden thread

    This is because President Trump said from the beginning of his presidency, "America First."
  11. OldEMTNurse

    President Biden thread

    I am truly sorry for your very difficult time and suffering, Karen. My heart goes out to you. hugs, Fran
  12. OldEMTNurse

    President Biden thread

    I am so sorry to hear of this tragic event in your life, Karen. I realize it will take some time for you to heal, but know over time you will become stronger. I am glad your son became a chef. I remember you telling me he was in chef school when you ...
  13. OldEMTNurse

    President Biden thread

    As I have mentioned before concerning differences of opinion: "To each his own." And I have always loved you too Tweety.
  14. OldEMTNurse

    President Biden thread

    Democrats VS Republicans What's the use of wasting one's time In this type of debating, your favorite or mine? Better feelings arise when complements are given ...
  15. OldEMTNurse

    Which Nurse are You?

    One of my caregivers is Yelling Yolanda.