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  1. Marianna Mozhaeva

    Need advice on career planning

    I just graduated with ADN. There are no residency-first programs for ADN nurses here, only if you secure a full-time hospital position. Most hospitals put new grads on night shifts that I am unable to work due to various reasons. I had 4 interviews so far - hospice, hospital med-surge, home care, and mental health clinic. None of those places meets fully my future goal in terms of experience. I plan to become a midwife (CNM). I like mental nursing, and do not like med-surge. I feel like mental nursing will give me the most valuable experience with the exception of L/D nursing. I applied to L/D but they are not interested in new grads at all, it seems like I have to do a year in med-surge first. I wonder if I can stay in mental health while doing my BSN and MSN, I am going to be a full-time student, it is a lot of work. Or do I need to switch to med-surge at some point with a goal to get into L/D afterward? I read somewhere that I may have a hard time getting into a midwifery program and especially finding my first job as a midwife if I had no L/D nursing experience. At what point I become unemployable for med/surge due to "skills loss"? Some thoughts? Experience?
  2. Marianna Mozhaeva

    NCLEX experience

    Just back home from the test. I do better when I read questions carefully (I am ESL person), so I spent two hours on 75 questions. Clicking on 75th I decided if that were not the last one I would take a break. But it was. Out of 75 I had around 50 SATA and one picture. At least twice I had no idea what I was asked about, and none of the SATA questions, I felt that I answered correctly. My first guess is that I was consistently dumb and the program gave up on me after the minimum number of questions. Other than that questions were not any more difficult that ATI preparation site offers.

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