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  1. chicogotti

    Maricopa CEP

    They only use the one test, trust me, I asked lol. I finally got an answer and the information I received from the community college is wrong. As it was explained to me, the university has final say on GPA; the community college will use the ruberic score from the university.
  2. chicogotti

    Maricopa CEP

    I talked to the Grand Canyon Advisor at Glendale Community, he told me that my scores are good and should apply. When I talked to the Glendale Community advisor they told me they do not accept plus or minus grades which lowered my GPA immensely. I'm trying not to get discouraged but as it stands right now my GPA for GCU is 3.28 and Maricopa sees it as a 2.88. I took the HESI exam and received an 88% Eng and 94% Math, which I am retaking to raise my Eng score. Even with that, my Maricopa score will only reach 79/80. My question is how do the two schools communicate on something like this? Also, I am active duty military, I heard that they usually hold seats for the military, does anyone know if this is true?

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