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    Hi there, I am trying to study for the TEAS and I wanted some advice on how to study or what are some good study tips. I've heard that some of the books that you purchase to study for the TEAS (kind of like those thick books you might use to study for the SATs back in high school) don't really help prepare you for the exam, but I could be wrong I'm not entirely sure. Any suggestions or study tips?
  2. Hi there, I am currently a 20 year old SFSU pre-nursing student. I am thinking about applying to nursing programs in Fall 2020; whether they are universities or ADN programs doesn't really matter to me because I will go where I can get in. I don't mind going out of state either, mainly thought of Arizona maybe. I was just wondering what type of chance I would have of getting in at schools? Grades: Physio : just got a B- (still have to take lab) Anat: originally got a C (retaking the class though) Microbio: A- (lecture) A (lab) The rest of the pre-reqs I got A's in. I am mainly worried about my sciences especially anatomy and physio. I still have yet to take my TEAS, so that is on my list of to do's before I apply. I was thinking realistically that maybe I can get into CSU East Bay, but even now I'm not so sure anymore. I was planning on applying to City College of San Francisco, SDSU (grew up there so if you have any recommendations on where to apply there that would be great), SFSU (realistically I don't think I'll get in but I'm going to still try), and other city colleges and universities. I got my CNA license last summer and will start working with it here soon in a few weeks. I also volunteer at UCSF hospital and have been doing that for about 2-3 years now reaching almost 200 hours. I am just wondering what my chances are getting into a nursing program and if I'm considered a good/competitive applicant? Sorry this was so long!

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