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  1. MUSC ABSN FALL 2020

    Thank you for your reply. He is applying as an out of state student from the West coast. He’s still getting things done for the application. How long did you wait to get your acceptance letter? Thanks
  2. StonyBrook ABSN: Class of 2021

    just got an email as well
  3. Hi, I have not been able to find a thread for Queens University ABSN program starting in the summer of 2020. I am wondering if others have applied/what their background is and if those who were in the program, how their experience was. Thank you and ...
  4. University of Miami ABSN Summer 2020

    Great, thank you so much!
  5. MUSC ABSN FALL 2020

    Hey, congratulations! My husband is applying for the program, but does not have healthcare experience. Do you think that will be a big negative for him? His prerequisites GPA is high, but Bachelor's GPA is not very high. Thank you and Happy New Year.
  6. StonyBrook ABSN: Class of 2021

    Thank you, yeah I am applying to all different schools across the country-I am on the West coast, but applying everywhere. Let's see..thanks again
  7. University of Miami ABSN Summer 2020

    Hi, I havent submitted my application yet, but I am in the process of completing everything. Does anyone know if interviews are part of the admission process? Also, does anyone know when decisions will be made? The application deadline is 2/1/20. I ...
  8. StonyBrook ABSN: Class of 2021

    Hi Everyone, Thank you for all of the comments. I have not gotten an interview invitation or any form of communication from them since the application was sent. Does this most likely mean that I will be getting a rejection letter from them sometime ...