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    Please Help

    The guy is not perfect no one is. However, my girl went to school to work in health care support. She graduated with an Associates Degree in HealthCare Support and an EKG Technical Certification. She didn't want to work in a hospital but she was pressured to "Be a Nurse" by her now fiance whos own mother was an RN before becoming disabled. The fiance, his parents and grandparents have routinely asked what our daughter is going to do "when their son / grandson (the fiance) becomes disabled"? I have heard this myself routinely over the past seven years. My daughter is not lazy and wants to work but is stressed out and sad. She is not looking to be a burden (dependent) but I believe that she is caught in a mind game where she is being pushed too hard at just the wrong (right) time by an expert manipulator.
  2. guest1136129

    Please Help

    I am the dad of a new nurse (BSN). I watched my girl work her way through school for the last 6 years. I am asking for your help because my daughter is having severe stress reaction at her first job. She is working on an intermediate cardiac floor in a hospital. She is being trained by a Preceptor who can be brutal at times. My daughter has called off sick due to vomiting, nausea, crying, dry heaves and feels like she is lost. The Department Director has been understanding but has told my daughter to take the weekend to think about what she wants to do because her points are almost used up. The Director has also indicated that they could talk to H.R. to see what can be done. I know from past experiences that when H.R. gets involved its just a matter of time before someone is let go. My daughter doesn't want to lose her job and is going to ask her Director if she can be assigned a different Preceptor. A little backgound information; My daughter met a guy seven years ago who told her to "Be a Nurse". So my daughter wanting to please her boyfriend went to school and graduated (BSN). Her motivation to succeed was based on her boyfriend's insistance that he would not propose nor give her an engagement ring until she finished school. He did get her a ring at graduation and proposed shortly thereafter. However, the guy is insisting that my daughter work and he will not pay for my daughter's debts. And so my daughter is afraid to lose her job because it could cause her relationship to end. My daughter wants to work and wants to be a partner as her now fiance insists that he "doesn't want a dependent"..."he wants a partner". My daughter has worked hard just to get a ring and her wedding to the guy is scheduled for early spring. I am asking for any advice to help my girl through this very stressful time. Thanks

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