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  1. Cindy Ann McAllister

    What Just Happened?!

    The hospital where I trained and work for 24 years, has long been torn down. Everyone knew it was haunted and reported similar anecdotes. There was a power outage one evening and the axillary power was a little slow to cut in. There were three of us at one end of the hallway, when we witnessed a glowing nurse in the office at the other end of the corridor. She was seated at the desk and hunched over, doing her paperwork. Suddenly, the power came back on and she was gone! I can’t say that I have a sixth sense, but often I would say something without thought, as if I was a mouthpiece for some other being. Believe me, when I say I often speak before I think, but these were moments where the message was timely and important to the well being of the patients and their families.
  2. Cindy Ann McAllister

    Dr. Pimple Popper Thinks Nurses Have No Place Educating Patients

    I wonder what her nurses do? Get her coffee?
  3. Cindy Ann McAllister

    Please help, feel trapped

    When I experienced similar feelings, I cut my hours back and worked casual on a few units. It gave me a break and I learned new skills. I discovered what I liked and what I didn’t . I did not suffer financially. The bigger bonus was how welcomed I was to go to these other units! The staff went out of their way to be friendly and helpful.
  4. Cindy Ann McAllister

    Single Dad Can't Handle Blood and Bodily Fluids Wants to be a Nurse

    I used to faint at the site of blood! Nobody likes all of the “icky stuff” we have to handle, but you will learn to hide your response to it. I started off working as untrained, ( except for 2 days of training), nurse’s aid, nearly 40 years ago. This was the most basic care to be provided at the nursing home I worked in. I was very worried, as I had never even changed a baby’s diaper! I got used to it. It was never pleasant, but I learned to hide my revulsion. ( Nurses make great actors!). If this is something you want and are willing to work hard for it, then go for it. Life experiences make for well rounded nurses.

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