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  1. My own personal success in my med surg courses has been self-led. I read every page in the required reading, sometimes more than once to make sure that I’m able to answer questions that may come up during my lectures. I feel like having some sort of knowledge and being able to assimilate that knowledge in lecture is the first step. If you’re doing well on practice questions, maybe try different types of practice questions that are more focused on prioritizing and analyzing information compared to just being able to recall what a certain disease process is. I hope this helps! Good luck with everything.
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    Realistic Goal?

    Hey Everyone! I'm a current BSN student who is all set to graduate in May. I have applied to a few critical care units with some interviews coming up next month. I have huge dreams about attending CRNA school, but I have some doubts. Assuming I do as well as I have been during the last semester of school, I'll graduate with around a 3.42 cumulative GPA and a 2.8 science GPA. My first few years of college I bounced around between some schools and definitely was not as serious as I should have been about my grades. I never knew how intelligent I actually was until I started core nursing classes and found something that I am passionate about. So, with that being said, does anyone have any super great advice they would like to give me? I plan on taking some graduate level science courses just to show my prospective schools that I am serious about my education and willing to put in the extra work. I have such a fire in my belly about nursing, and especially nurse anesthesia. I have shadowed twice and loved every minute of it. I am just worried that with my GPA being the way it is, most schools won't even look my way or give me the opportunity to interview and show them just how passionate I am about anesthesia.

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