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Passed Nclex - NEW RN

Passed Nclex - NEW RN

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  1. Passed Nclex - NEW RN

    Looking for a job - new nurse

    Thanks for all the help - I will be revising my resume (changing the header), as it makes sense to do so. I am a BSN-prepared nurse - so happy I have that going for me. Additionally, I have a decent to strong LinkedIn profile. The psych interview seem to have went well and now it's just a waiting game. I do have another interview lined up for another psych position. So, things seem to be moving at least. And, thanks for the invite to reach out - I will definitely do so as needed. I am sure I will have a bunch more questions. Thanks!!!!!
  2. Passed Nclex - NEW RN

    Looking for a job - new nurse

    Thanks, first off. Any advice will do. I've had two interviews so far. One was an over the phone interview - in which it started with: "we already offered the position to someone else". It was great to have the conversation and in addition I was told I would be considered later on if something opens up. Another interview with a home health agency - which I am not sure I would like to do yet. Then I have another interview coming up for a psych nurse role. I would, however like to work in the city but am only getting feedback from the suburban area - which makes sense because I live in the suburbs. I guess I am trying to figure out the best way to get a job in the city - as I feel I would learn a lot more, being that it is a lot busier in the city. Thinking more into it - I guess it would take more time with city applications, as they probably get resumes come in all day and night.
  3. Passed Nclex - NEW RN

    Looking for a job - new nurse

    Hello all, Happy Sunday! I am a new nurse just passed NCLEX and am looking for a job in Illinois, in the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance (TIA). Holiday Cheers!!!!!!!!!

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