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  1. No, I was weighing my options: NCAS vs supervised practice. I've decided to go with supervised practice (Canadian trained nurse).
  2. I'm a former ICU nurse, last licensed in 2013 in Alberta, been a nurse since 1986, worked ICU/CCU since 1995. Because it's been over 5 years and I don't have the hours for BC, I have to either take a refresher course at Thompson University (about 17K and complete in less than 2 years), take supervised practice experience (400 hours no pay, in less than 6 months, find a preceptor, write up a super complicated plan) or take the NCAS route (2000$). I'm so confused. Has any Canadian nurse been in this situation and passed the NCAS? ie given BC license after NCAS? or is it just a cash grab to force you to take more courses from Langara and do it all under 2 years. I just got news of my options last Friday but I knew it would be this way, so I've been preparing reading books. I'm more worried about the lab component not the computer one.

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