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Need extra liability and third party insurance for supervised practice experience

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by regretful regretful (New) New Nurse

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I'm so frustrated. I'm trying to get my RN license back in BC (Surrey) and have been approved for a sponsorship from a local health authority, unfortunately I'm required to obtain a 5 million/occurrence professional liability and third party Liability Insurance citing local health authority as an extra insured. CNPS lawyer says it doesn't exist, private insurance broker says there is no such insurance (he tried over 10 days and all insurance companies told him the coverage was enough through CNPS). To do the supervised practice experience, I'm required to provide documents that don't exist.... anyone heard of this? I will have 10 million $ /occurrence with a provisional license once I get a sponsorship (ie if I get this ? non existent insurance). Anyone know where I can to a supervised practice experience in greater Vancouver, preferably Surrey/New West/Burnaby where my BCCNP/CNPS liability insurance is enough? VCH doesn't allow supervised practice experiences and FHA is the one asking for these two extra liability insurances.

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