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  1. Hi Mariah ! Are you still looking ? Don’t give up ! 

  2. ABSNnewgrad

    New grad job search in Boston Mass

    Thank you !! Your reply came at an awesome time. I was at clinical shadowing an impressive nurse from Vermont. She said she had zero results after attempting to go to Boston as a new grad and I didn’t know if it was possible for me. But I will defiantly take your advice and look at those options, call and apply. I used to be a medical recruiter so I hope my perseverance will get me there! Thank you kindly.
  3. I got all high 90s on the Hesi. (Although I think the school of your choice customizes the Hesi based on what they are testing over so inquire about that). Math was algebra, A&P was a lot of bone references and Reproductive System and heart. Grammar was easy, knowing how to write a sentence Ect. And vocab was hardest for me because I don’t have any clinical experience Prior to nursing school. But what I did was take the Hesi once just to see what it was like, no pressure. It was $100 and so worth it in my eyes. Then I read the ATI practice book in Barnes and noble a bit to refresh what I did poorly on the first time. It went well based off of that ! 

  4. Hey! Have you graduated yet? I’m in the same boat, Boston is my destination and I’m looking for a hospital that hires new grads. 

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    2. ABSNnewgrad

      ABSNnewgrad, BSN

      Are you already in Boston ? 

    3. ABSNnewgrad

      ABSNnewgrad, BSN

      Are you already in Boston ? 

    4. nursequeen


      I’m 30min from Boston 

  5. Hello, I am graduating soon and moving to Boston Mass with my BSN best feeling ever. I would like begin my career in Boston, and I've begun my online research to find out who hires new grads. Ultimately, I am interested in critical care (I know this makes things harder) but priority is moving myself there and finding a job so I am deft ok with Med surg. Any natives here with friendly advice? Thank you kindly.

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