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  1. I'm looking at the PowerPoint provided by California's BON that shows you what the online application is like to endorse my RN license there and came across 2 questions that I don't know how to and where to find the answer. I have provided the link t...
  2. Don’t want to work during Covid-19

    Do not feel bad about quitting. I also quit my nursing job due to having asthma and not being provided with proper and adequate PPE. It's not selfish for you to think about your life and the life of others you put at risk. Although I have quit, I hav...
  3. New nurse, asthma, Covid-19, What do I do?

    So, I’ve got a big issue and I don’t really know what to do. I’m 22 years old with asthma and have been working as a CNA for about 2 years. I was working in a nursing home and then COVID patients were being admitted. What made this matter concerning...
  4. Hello, I am currently a nursing student in Illinois and by the end of next year I will graduate with an associate's degree in applied science and be able to take the NCLEX to become a registered nurse. I plan on moving to California(San Diego) once ...