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  1. LeauVixen

    Laguardia Community College fall 2020

    Same for me I'm currently at Hostos and I'm not happy at all. I hate to call this place a college it's more like a school. But I'm stuck here becaue I pay out of pocket and if I go to another school I would have to take more classes. I agree with you this school is underfunded and lack the the ability to give students information on their website.
  2. Hi,

    Can you tell me what the name of the textbook is they used for the CNA class.

    Thank you

  3. LeauVixen

    A&P II and Statistics in one semester?

    I took A&P2 and Stat this Summer. The professor make he class. I not the greastest at math but my professor made stat easy for me and I got and A. My A&P professor was horrible so I spent alot of time on quizlet and Youtube but I got an A- in the class. if you can devote the study time for both classes you will be able to pass both.
  4. LeauVixen

    TIA School of Allied Health in NYC CNA course, advice?

    Any update
  5. I currently a student at Hostos and wanted to transfer to LAGCC. If I were to transfer to Lagcc I would have to take more pre-reqs and I'm pay out of pocket so this route is a no go for me.
  6. LeauVixen

    Should I take all my generals?

    If you can afford to take the extra classes you should do. It's always cheaper to take classes to community college vs a 4 year. Just verify that the credits will transfer over towards the BSN.
  7. LeauVixen

    Nursing school expenses

    I'm currenlty working on my pre-reqs which will be completed fall of this year and I will starting nursing classes spring of 2021. Outside of tuition and textbook cost can someone provide a list of other expenses I should prepared for before I start nursing school.
  8. Can someone explain the difference between these programs. I didn't do the the research I should have before enrolling into a community college with an RN program. I just find out my program is an AAS and not an ADN. Will an AAS prevent me from getting a job as an RN. Note: all nursing programs in NYC are AAS.