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beachlove123 has 5 years experience as a BSN and specializes in nursing student.

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  1. UWorld vs ATI/ Kaplan

    I graduated next week and I am starting to study for the NCLEX. I used ATI at school and have the Kaplan book from a review course offered through my school. I just activated the UWorld 30 day plan. on Kaplan practice test I recieved a 63% and on the...
  2. L&D/ PP New Grad

    Hi, I'm graduating with my BSN next year and I so desperately want to work in L&D/ postpartum/ mother baby/ anything like that!! I have an externship through an amazing hospital network in the ICU this Summer (they didn't offer anything besides I...
  3. Residency Program or New Grad Job?

    That’s my plan too, good luck!
  4. Extern Programs

    They both are, one is a pathway to an amazing network of hospitals and the other is a pathway to jobs at that one specific hospital, which is very small and jobs rarely open up there. Thinking of going with the ICU position just because the hospital ...
  5. Extern Programs

    I’ve gotten offers for 2 externships this Summer- one at a well- known hospital in a system of many great hospitals in my state. They offer a great program and post- grad opportunities. I was offered an ICU position, as all they offer for their exter...
  6. Residency Program or New Grad Job?

    I’m graduating next year with my BSN and secured an externship for this Summer. I’m now focused on graduating and the NCLEX, but I’ve been thinking about whether it’s better to apply to a residency program or just search for a regular job as a new gr...
  7. NJ PSI Exam

    Hello, I'm taking the PSI CNA exam in a few days. I've done thousands of practice questions but can't find anything specifically for the PSI test. Does anyone have any advice on what the PSI exam is like and what to focus on when studying?
  8. Patho vs Pharm

    I took pathophysiology last semester and failed with a 74% (needed a 75 to pass). I studied a lot but I know I could have done better and tried harder. I am retaking patho next semester and I'm confident I will pass this time around. However, the sem...