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  1. abndntqn17

    How to grow as a nurse? (LVN)

    I am three weeks into my job at an SNF. It's small with a census under 30. It has been going okay as my responsibility is med pass (for now). My facility is understanding as I came from a pandemic class that had zero hands-on clinical experience. I am learning my meds. I am familiarizing myself with my patients. Although I still find myself not knowing what to do. If someone has chest pain what do I do? If they're aspirating, what do I do? These examples are standard/simple. Yet somehow I feel like I don't know. I feel inadequate as a nurse. Nothing from nursing school feels like it lingers in my brain. I feel so lost. I am never alone on my shifts yet. They want to make sure a senior nurse is in the building with me for now, but sooner or later they'll start leaving me alone to make the calls. I know how to do SBAR, head to toe, etc. It's just actually applying it to real world and having to do it for my first time feels strange. My mind goes blank. I know people will probably chew me out in the post and tell me I should know better. I am trying !!
  2. abndntqn17

    New Grad Nurse-Orientation

    Hi all, I am an LVN starting my first job on Saturday. I am feeling anxious more than anything. Any tips anyone has for me? Also, if I do have to introduce myself during the morning huddle, what's a good script to follow? My brain is picking out the smallest details and making sure I am prepared. I went to nursing school during the pandemic, leaving me with zero experience. My facility is pretty flexible and understanding with me. At least the DON is. I had a few interviews with different facilities and this DON made me feel a little more confident in myself. I am trying not to beat myself up before I even started. I just know I need to take this seriously. I was told I'll have my preceptor, but also I'll have to do my own set of med passes in order to get meds out on time.
  3. abndntqn17

    Ending first semester.

    I closed off my first semester with 1 C and 1 B. I feel a bit defeated as I was trying to at least end with a B in both classes. Does anyone have some words of encouragement that did not have the hottest grades but excelling or have graduated and started working? I guess the plus side is I have made it past the first semester. It could have been worse, even could have been dropped. I can just learn to pick myself back up to go harder the next semesters.
  4. abndntqn17

    City College of San Francisco Spring 2020

    hello, I know somebody has mentioned that the classes on web4 may reflect seats left in the class. Do you think at this point everyone admitted have registered and those leftover seats are for waitlist