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    New Grad can't determine best route

    I recently graduated nursing school and passed the NCLEX a few weeks ago. Since the beginning of returning to school I have wanted to work in Pediatrics. When I first started there were numerous facilities that had pediatric units that did not require a BSN in the area that I live. Since that time Children's Hospital of Colorado has opened here in Colorado springs and all the other facilities have closed their pediatric units. Children's has a New Nurse Resident program but you must have your BSN which I will not have until this coming Dec. and you can not have any previous RN experience. I would like some advice on whether or not I should consider taking a Pediatric Home Health position as a private duty nurse while I finish my bachelors and apply as an experienced nurse or if I should complete my bachelors and then apply for the new grad program. Any advice is appreciated, cause I feel completely lost and honestly a bit frustrated. Thanks

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