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  1. NataliaSun

    Nursing 2020?

    Thanks! My top 4 are 93% average, now so am not even sure that it's good enough... Otherwise, they would have sent me my offer, I guess. Waiting is the worst!
  2. NataliaSun

    Nursing 2020?

    I am still waiting 😞 I applied relatively early - in November, and nothing so far. Though I am checking Ryerson thread in Reddit, and a bunch of people have had their offers already.
  3. NataliaSun

    Was RN school easy for you?

    EV1518, I guess that would be my case! The same thing with prerequisites... So far, could you tell pls how much time a day you spend AFTER classes? I am still anxious about juggling my RN school, kids, and house chores 🤔
  4. Hi there! I didn't know they start sending offers... May I ask what is your average? I am waiting for their decision as well, and my choice will be GB : I love the campus and its location, I talked to students while touring the campus, and they seemed to be pleased, I also talked to some professors, and they were reasonable and nice. It is only for 2 years anyway, we all end up in the main campus. Did you have a tour in all three sites? Which one do you like? In terms of commuting, which one has the optimal location? I would go from there...
  5. NataliaSun

    Was RN school easy for you?

    Those are exactly my thoughts! Everyone keeps saying how hard it is! I already have a PhD in another area and hopefully will be accepted at BcSN. Having a teenager and a preschooler with lots of chores to do, I am a bit nervous how it is going to be. Just in case, I study A&P (YouTube lectures, Khan Academy, coloring book and flash cards on Anki), after that in my plan is patho and pharm. Also, I watched different tips how to study different courses. I am pretty sure I will be fine. P S hypnobirthing didn't work for me at all 🤦🏼‍♀️😅
  6. NataliaSun

    RN George Brown College fall 2020

    Hi guys! Could anyone help me out here, please? A have a million questions 🤦🏼‍♀️🧐 I applied to GBC RN program as a mature student. What are my chances do you think? I have 90% in math, 94% in chem and the same in bio, and 91 in eng. All courses from ILC. As far as I know, liberal electives are on St. James campus, right? What can you say about courses you chose? Do you have any advice here? How soon after accepting your offer, you registered for the courses? It is very important for me to have a convenient schedule, as I have a little kid at JK... What was your schedule at 1 and 2 semesters? What can I learn in advance? I started with anatomy, but maybe there is something more? Everyone says that these programs are very challenging, but could you be more specific and tell how much time you spend studying at home? Just trying to figure out will I have time for light housekeeping and kids, or it is better to hire someone to help... For those with kids, how was it for you? Doable? Thank you so much for you time and help!