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  1. Emily Barney

    ASU Post Bacc - 2021

    Hi! This info session is very helpful and helped me plan my application. You do need to apply to undergrad first (this is easy, you just have to send in the application fee and your first bachelor's transcripts) before you can apply to the postbach program. https://nursingandhealth.asu.edu/admissions/information-sessions/online/accelerated I then used their transfer credit guide to see what I needed to take to fill the prereqs: https://webapp4.asu.edu/transfercreditguide/app/searchcourses For the TEAS I cannot suggest the ATI online study guide enough or their practice tests - those really helped me prepare and get ride of some of the pretesting jitters. Best of luck!
  2. Emily Barney

    ASU Post Bacc - 2021

    Hi Everyone! I've created this chain for anyone applying to the ASU Post Bacc BSN program for the 2021 cycle. A little about me: I've completed all the prereqs and just took the TEAS last month (scoring a 93.3% so if you have any questions/are about to take the TEAS soon please let me know!) I'm 28, originally from CA but now living in AZ, and even though nursing will be a 2nd career it's been a dream job of mine since I was 18. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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