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  1. Specialscar

    The road to CNM

    Hi! I'm finishing up my accelerated BSN in May 2020, and plan to (hopefully) attend Georgetown for my DNP. Several questions: I'm up there in age (42) and really really REALLY hate the idea that has been beaten into me - that I MUST put in a year or 2 of med-surg before possibly dreaming of working on L&D. That, in my mind, means I'll have to work 1-2 years doing something I dislike, then hoping I can get a placement as L&D nurse, then apply for my doctorate. . .another 3 full time years. That would be fine if I was in my 20's, but as it were, my oldest child will be 20 next year. . .in my perfect world I'd get some birthing experience as an RN, then apply to begin my DNP within the year. Here's my question (I won't even ask about the med-surg bc everyone I ask says there's no way I'll get onto L&D out of school. . .I'll just continue to be naive and positive though!) - can I get into midwifery school without experience in maternity? Of course I would want it - I've offered to volunteer already. . .worse comes to worse my CNM friend will hire me as a homebirth assistant, but that's nowhere near an RN salary, and I'm unsure how that experience will transfer to my resume. Sigh. . . Can anyone share their journey with me? Any older midwives that began later in life? Feeling a little dismayed. . . Sabrina
  2. Specialscar

    HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship 2020-2021

    I was rejected, but I'm going to apply once I start my DNP. . .it would make much more sense then anyway since I'm graduating in May. Congrats to everyone who got it and strength to us that don't have the help. . .we'll all get through this if it's what we really want!
  3. Specialscar

    HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship 2020-2021

    oh! I re-read it, you're absolutely right! In certain cases it will actually help, such again as mine - I will actually have income to claim to receive earned income credits! If you're single without children, working, and attending an expensive school, yeah, you'll owe. I'm pretty sure they give you the stipend to deter you from working, though. Also, I'm sure taxes are much less then tuition if you're attending somewhere very expensive. I'm personally going to try again for my doctorate at Georgetown.
  4. Specialscar

    HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship 2020-2021

    The explanation of having different people going through them and tiering the applicants based on basic criteria first makes sense. . .but I most definitely meet the basic criteria so I guess I'm just still confused - my EFC is 0, single with 4 children, I'm half-way through a ABSN program with a 3.75 (nursing school is no joke, and especially during COVID!) and I have 20 years of experience volunteering including Americorps. I'm trying to remain positive, and I am truly happy for all you amazing students who have reached the first level - schooling is difficult to begin with but the added stress of financing your education and paying bills while in school just tops it off. Good luck all!
  5. Specialscar

    HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship 2020-2021

    I am wondering how they award these if it's all at different times? Logistically, it makes no sense - they just dig into a pile and start awarding people as they go? In that sense, it seems like even you fit the criteria, but happen to be at the bottom of the pile, you will be out of luck because they will meet the quota early. Or is it that the folks notified now are just 'in the running' and then they will narrow it down by the end of September? I just called and they couldn't tell me anything other then they have until September 30th to notify all the recipients. I turned my application in about a week before the deadline. Just wondering what everyone thinks. And best of luck! (for me, too!)