EFM certification advice


Hello - I'm a CNM student and I need to attain my EFM certification - I've already registered for the report proxied test, but I'm unsure how to study for it. What has everyone else done? I found a few different books, but that seems overwhelming if I don't have direction as to what to focus on. There are also quizzlets, but as far as I understand, there's no real 'course' or preparation for this? (I'm a new RN as well, and woking in pediatrics, so I have no experience to base this off of). 



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If you haven't looked into it already AWOHNN has an introductory EFM course that is all online to get you started. 

Additionally, if you are on the Apple ecosystem, you can download an app called EFM Guide that my preceptors told me about while I was in integration.

VEAL CHOP MINE is also your friend.

Is your school also providing class time to teach you how to read EFM before you have to take the test?