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  1. Is it wrong to try (I will further explain) and leave a current position during orientation if the job you really wanted opens up? ICU is really where I want to be, and what I need for a future job (which requires 3+ years of critical care experience). This unit hires new grads as I share the same new grad classes with them. I started at my organization last month and still have a couple months of orientation left. In my current department we will sometimes float to ICU to work, and after going a few times with my preceptor I realized I would be happier there. It's not that my current unit is bad, I just feel like it's been incredibly sloppy as far as training goes and have gotten "ripped off" with education more than other new grads that started, and the work load is a lot and overwhelming at times. But I'm afraid to even ask what the rules would be in my organization, let alone try to apply and it fails and word gets out, etc. I overheard one of the nurses say last week (as one was joking about leaving as soon as he got off orientation) "Yeah a lot of people just get trained then leave!" and I wouldn't want to make things weird if they are being floated to a unit that I left for, or even worse I get floated back up there because it happens often! So I am unsure of what to do. Wait a year and maybe things will be different? Or attempt to leave now?