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maria2lio has 9 years experience and specializes in lvn.

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  1. maria2lio

    Straighterline Anatomy & Physiology 1

    Don't feel bad, I think I bombed that quiz. I felt the same exact way. Chapter 3 was my worst one. I am currently on chapter 14. If you can, take your time and try not to rush through it. I am trying to take it as long as I have to in order to get the best possible grade I can.
  2. maria2lio

    Straighterline Anatomy & Physiology 1

    What would you recommend using to study aside from the textbook? Are there any A&P resources you recommend?
  3. maria2lio

    Straighterline Anatomy & Physiology 1

    Yay congratulations on your final!@anewmanx must feel great. Did you notice any repeat questions from the previous quizzes?
  4. maria2lio

    Straighterline Anatomy & Physiology 1

    chapter 10 quiz was very hard in my opinion. I almost ran out of time. I was able to pull off an 80%
  5. maria2lio

    Straighterline Anatomy & Physiology 1

    Thank you! I plan on taking the chapter 10 quiz tomorrow’s fingers crossed! Good luck on your final!
  6. I am currently taking A&P 1 through straighterline. Has anyone taken or completed A&P through straighterline? I find the quizzes to be OK due to the fact that they are open book. The material is so dense and I find myself using majority of my time looking up the answers. I am afraid I am going to get to my final exam, which is not open book, and just ruin my grade. Does anyone have any tips or feedback on the final exam? Straighterline does not have a good study guide or lecture really. The material is heavy, and it is very difficult to know what what to study. Can anyone help?
  7. maria2lio

    RN program

    Has anyone completed or in the WGU RN program? If so, how competitive was it to get in?

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