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Critical Care/Infection Control
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buggynurse has 17 years experience and specializes in Critical Care/Infection Control.

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  1. buggynurse

    License renewal

    I submitted my license renewal online over a week ago and it is still pending. I am now in"delinquent" status. Does anyone know if they are behind or something? I am kind of freaking out
  2. buggynurse

    License question

    Hi all! I'm an RN in California and am considering taking a work from home job. The company is based in CA but I would like to move to NC. Would I need to apply for a license in NC since it would be my primary residence or no because the company is technically located in CA? Sorry if this is confusing, lol!! Thanks for any responses!
  3. Anyone out there,lol? I'd love to hear real RN's experiences with transferring out of State!! Thanks!
  4. Hi all! I am currently an RN in CA and I just can't take living in this state anymore. I want to move NC but not sure if I can get a license in another state. My license is current and unrestricted. I never did probation, I got a Public Reproval and paid fines for a DUI. Anyone moved to another state and were successful in getting a license and a job? Thank you all!

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